Paranormal thread: Ghosts, Paranormal, witchcraft UFO's ETC

Scene Vamp

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This is a thread for anything paranormal related, a space for anything out of the box that you may want to discuss! anyone is welcome to join in the thread nothing is too out there! feel free to get involved :) I would like to see anybodies personal experiences or anything that you have witnessed that is paranormal.
possible subjects could include:
ghosts, witchcraft, UFO ,dreams, cryptids and strange things in general
MY own experience:
I was in the forest chilling as I like to go to to the forest to chill it was night time and getting dark. I was finishing a beer adn i heard footsteps around me and I noticed it and felt uncofotable it was as if the footsteps were encircling me I started to make ways and leave the forest but As I was leaving everytime i took a few steps I would hear a few steps behind me!. this put me on edge and and I was looking around with my phone light, it continued until I got too the clearing of the forest to where the grass is I called out and said what is following me but got no response. When I got to the grass whatever was following me was no longer.

I feel as though some spirit or something was following me.
I don't think I've ever seen a UFO before. Although I would love to. Thanks for sharing your story, it's very inetresting.