Xbox or PlayStation?


Which console do you like the best? Xbox or PS5?

I have an Xbox Series X. I love it.

Microsoft GIF by Xbox
At the moment, I still have the Xbox One X but I would like to upgrade to the Xbox Series X when I can, feeling behind at the moment but hoping to get the new console soon.

I have always been an Xbox fan but I have tried PlayStation in the past. Xbox is my favourite based on the controller being comfortable for me and the exclusives they have had in the past and still have.
I used to be all about playstation during the PS1-PS3 days, even got a PS4 on launch over the Xbox One originally, but since being with @Shortie she's converted me over. She was my reason for getting a 360 in 2013 and i've been pretty much team Xbox since. I have both a Series X and PS5 but my Series X gets used more while my PS5 gets used for exclusives only right now. I still need to play through FF7 Rebirth lol. Woops!